How to reset NTFS permissions on drives or folders

Friend of mine had problems with the permissions on the external hard drive, he was constantly getting the Consent UI asking him for Administrator access because of the file permissions on the drive.

Here is how you can reset the NTFS permissions on hard drive or a folder to a default Windows permissions.

  • Click the Start button and in the Search bar type cmd
  • Right click the cmd.exe you get as the result and click on Run as administrator
  • In command prompt go to a drive or a folder you want to reset NTFS permissions using something like:
  • Reset NTFS with:

You should be able to work with files now without the Consent UI popping out all the time.

4 thoughts on “How to reset NTFS permissions on drives or folders”

  1. Looks interesting but my problem is a little different from the one above.
    I changed one folder permission and now all king of configuration files like desktop, thumbs showed up. (most of them are hidden but in some folders they are still visible) Is there any way to how to give them all at once back their hidden status for folder/file? In other words will this command totally restore all permissions to windows defaults also with all hidden folders attributes? Sorry for asking but I don’t want mess it up even more like it.

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